NVU Announces Members of NVU Strong Advisory Committee

  • Northern Vermont University today announced the members of the NVU Strong Advisory Committee. The committee is charged with identifying financially sustainable models and initiatives that collectively will ensure a strong and thriving future for NVU’s Johnson and Lyndon campuses as well as NVU Online. Members were announced following an open nominations process to ensure community input regarding the challenges facing higher education and NVU. More than 280 nominations were received.

The NVU Strong Advisory Committee has equal representation of students, faculty, staff, and community members and includes alumni. The members are:

• Nolan Atkins, Committee Chair, NVU Provost
• David Bradbury, President, Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, Lamoille County
• Keith Chamberlin, Alum and co-founder of Flek, a St. Johnsbury-based design and marketing firm
• Melissa Ann Clark, Sophomore, Math, NVU-Johnson
• Isaac Eddy, Assistant Professor, Performing Arts, NVU-Johnson
• Mary Fafard, Alum and Digital Content Coordinator, Marketing and Communications, NVU-Johnson
• Alan Giese, Professor, Natural Sciences, NVU-Lyndon
• Janel Hanrahan, Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences, NVU-Lyndon
• Elaine Harvey, Director, Student Engagement and Persistence, Academic Affairs, NVU-Johnson
• Beth Hill Foy, Project Manager, Vermont Mutual Insurance Group, Lamoille County
• Brian Lamoureux, Senior, Outdoor Education, Leadership, and Tourism, NVU-Lyndon
• Robbie Maher, Sophomore, Political Science, NVU-Johnson
• Anna Maziarz, Assistant Director, Admissions and Enrollment Services, NVU-Lyndon
• David McGough, Professor, Education, NVU-Johnson
• Brian Michaud, Director, Public Safety, NVU-Lyndon
• Katherine Sims, Director of Northeast Kingdom Collaborative
• Patrick Wickstrom, Sophomore, Atmospheric Sciences, NVU-Lyndon

“The overwhelming response to the committee’s open nomination process was yet another example of the fierce commitment that our communities have to NVU,” said Elaine Collins, President of NVU. “The committee is made up of a wide variety of notable and influential leaders and I have no doubt that they will successfully tackle the challenging task before them and develop financially sustainable solutions that will ensure a strong and thriving future for NVU for generations to come.”

The NVU Strong Advisory Committee, chaired by NVU Provost Nolan Atkins, will meet throughout the month and deliver recommendations to NVU President Elaine Collins at the end of May. Collins will be submitting NVU’s proposed model and initiatives for sustainability to the Vermont State Colleges System Board of Trustees in June 2020.

The NVU Strong Advisory Committee will begin work with ideas and suggestions submitted by community members and collected via a form launched Wednesday, April 22, 2020 on Northern Vermont University’s website. The committee’s work will be documented, via agendas, meeting minutes, and resources, along with ideas and suggestions submitted by community members, at NorthernVermont.edu/StrongFuture.

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