NVU Strong Advisory Committee

Northern Vermont University is at a time in its history that it must turn to the strengthening of its two campuses at Johnson and Lyndon as well as NVU Online so that it can thrive into the future. To ensure its strength and vitality as it rides out the demographic and disruptive challenges of higher education today, NVU must right-size—focus on its core mission, find new revenue streams, and form new partnerships so it stands ready to serve generations to come. 

Charge of the NVU Strong Advisory Committee

This committee will identify sustainable models and other initiatives that collectively would ensure NVU could continue to serve Vermont students and communities for generations to come. The models and initiatives must achieve a significant annual budget reduction and/or additional revenue generation starting in FY22. The models and initiatives must be proposed to VSCS Board of Trustees in June 2020 for informed Fall 2021 recruitment. This work will be done within the context of the Vermont State Colleges System and its institutions, which are also undergoing major transformation, greatly accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Advisory Committee will: 

  • Have a shared commitment to developing sustainable models that include the Lyndon and Johnson campuses as well as NVU Online 
  • Vet ideas received 
  • Identify and explore concepts  
  • Propose future model(s) that meet the goals of the committee to the NVU President by the end of May 2020.

Make up of the Advisory Committee 

After receiving more than 280 nominations, the NVU Strong Advisory Committee members were selected by the NVU Executive Team. NVU Provost Nolan Atkins will serve as Chair given the models will be proposed to NVU President Elaine Collins.

The Committee will receive support from an external consultant/research organization, NVU President Elaine Collins, members of the NVU Executive Team, and staff experts in finance, facilities, development and alumni relations, human resources, marketing and communications, along with administrative support.  

The NVU Strong Advisory Committee has equal representation of students, faculty, staff, and community members and includes alumni. The members are:

• Nolan Atkins, Committee Chair, NVU Provost
• David Bradbury, President, Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, Lamoille County
• Keith Chamberlin, Alum and co-founder of Flek, a St. Johnsbury-based design and marketing firm
• Melissa Ann Clark, Sophomore, Math, NVU-Johnson
• Isaac Eddy, Assistant Professor, Performing Arts, NVU-Johnson
• Mary Fafard, Alum and Digital Content Coordinator, Marketing and Communications, NVU-Johnson
• Alan Giese, Professor, Natural Sciences, NVU-Lyndon
• Janel Hanrahan, Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences, NVU-Lyndon
• Elaine Harvey, Director, Student Engagement and Persistence, Academic Affairs, NVU-Johnson
• Beth Hill Foy, Project Manager, Vermont Mutual Insurance Group, Lamoille County
• Brian Lamoureux, Senior, Outdoor Education, Leadership, and Tourism, NVU-Lyndon
• Robbie Maher, Sophomore, Political Science, NVU-Johnson
• Anna Maziarz, Assistant Director, Admissions and Enrollment Services, NVU-Lyndon
• David McGough, Professor, Education, NVU-Johnson
• Brian Michaud, Director, Public Safety, NVU-Lyndon
• Katherine Sims, Director of Northeast Kingdom Collaborative
• Patrick Wickstrom, Sophomore, Atmospheric Sciences, NVU-Lyndon

NVU Strong Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule

Meetings are tentatively scheduled for: 
5/12/20: 9:30-11 am 
5/14/20: 1-3 pm 
5/20/20: 1-4 pm  
5/22/20: 1-4 pm
5/27: 11:30 am-1 pm
5/28: 1-2 pm NVU Strong Advisory Committee Update–meeting details
5/29: 9:30 am-noon
6/2: 1 pm-3:30 pm
6/4: 1 pm-3:30 pm

Meeting dates and times are subject to change.